Why Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide?

More than 1500 clients

We have clients in all Guatemala, Companies of the State, Hospitals, Chambers of Commerce, Great Industries, SMEs, etc… confirm our Quality.

The Best Infrastructure

All our servants of hosting have Xeon processors, 8-12GB of ram and Hard disks in RAID. Unlike other companies of the sector all the servants are in datacenters of high benefits.

Customized attention

We offer services to our clients to take care of all needs.

Our experience

We fulfill 10 years on watch in Guatemala, offering the best service to our clients.

Outstanding plans

By onlyQ.600

Basic plan

Ideal for personal pages with little traffic and that it requires of e-mails.

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By onlyQ.850

Professional plan

Ideal for SMEs with an intermediate volume of traffic. One complies to the majority of needs.

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By onlyQ.1, 450

Corporative plan

Ideal for companies with a high volume of traffic that they require more than 40 post office.

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By onlyQ.2, 600

Corporative plan +

Excellent for companies with a great amount of e-mails and an ample space.

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