Terms and conditions on watch

Next the terms and conditions are exposed under which Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will realise the benefit of their services. All client gives by accepted the conditions before contracting anyone of our services: Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide (in future also “the company?) is a company of services of Web Hosting, Dedicated and assimilated Domains, Development Web, Servants. All the present and future services, would subject to the rules, terms and conditions described in this document. The contractor or user of the account (in future “the client?) accepts to have read, to have understood and to have accepted without restriction some all the terms and conditions that the company exposes in the following document. The fact that this contract is made in the form of message of data does not clear no validity to him and legal effects will not refuse.

1. Conduct Of the User

Our services can be used only for the legal intentions, being understood that any type of conduct or activity who can be described as illegal according to the international rules and Guatemalan he will be prohibited, and it will be of exclusive position of the client the assumption of any type of responsibility to imputable him as well as of the application of legal and contractual sanctions to that there is place.

The previous prohibitions understand activities among others the following:

To realise, to promote or to allow the publication or transmission of any type of information or illegal, threatening, abusive, slanderous, obscene, offensive, pornographic, indecent, profane material, or information or of some or another disagreeable way, including without the limitation no transmissions that constitute or that animate the conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil responsibility, or break of another way any law.

To restrict or to inhibit any other user to use and to enjoy the Internet or the services contracted by third parties with the company.

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide reserves the right to evaluate and to describe any situation or action that can consider abuse, as well as on the matter to take the pertinent decisions and sanctions including the partial or definitive completion from the services contracted by the client.

2. Use of the resources of the servants

The client or user will not be able to execute in our servants, among others the following activities:

For the plans Hosting and Revendedor specifically he will be prohibited:

  1. To execute in the servant some process stand-alone.
  2. To execute any software that is or connects an IRC network (Internet Relay Chat).
  3. To store or to publish adult-oriented content of, including but not limiting any pornographic material.
  4. The resources assigned to their service cannot be used as storage media of backup copies (backups).

3. Serious violations

The following points make reference to the activities that the company considers as serious violations. Any indication of accomplishment of the same will authorize to Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide to come with the cancellation of the service without previous warning and commiting themselves to the reimbursement of any value paid by the client.

Serious violations to the service on the part of the client are considered:

  1. The shipment of the E-mail not solicitd, known commonly as Spam.
  2. The use of the servants for shipment of massive mail is not allowed, the shipment of 400 post office per hour on behalf of hosting for the normal use of a company is only allowed or person and does not stop to send advertising bulletins or news bulletins.
  3. To send to a negation (it is) of the service of ours (s) servant (it is) against any other servant or any other type of equipment or system.
  4. Successfully to try or to carry out exploiting or without success to anyone of the services of the servants, to try to have the access as super user, all this including Exploits, Trojans and assimilated others.
  5. To promote, to spread or to realise any type of directed action to aggravate the image of the company or of anyone of the employees of the same.
  6. To accede to any class of content (s) that is by outside the resources that the company has assigned to the client. For example outside its root directory.
  7. The evil treatment, threats of any type or any offense against some of the Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide employees will be sufficient reason for the immediate completion of the services.

To produce volunteer involuntarily or damages in the servants who can affect the service of other clients lodged in the same servant. Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide reserves the faculty to require changes or to disqualify the website, the account, the service of mail, the data base, or any other component that are not adapted to the policies indicated in this point without previous warning.

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide has strict rules on the shipment of massive post office, by the well-being of our clients and to avoid that the servant is reported as Spam servant. All the massive shipments of massive mail are prohibited.

4. Indemnifications

The client accepts to use the services of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide under his responsibility. The client exonerates to the company of all responsibility, civilian, penitentiary, commercial, corporative, among others, by any lost of data or any other commercial, direct or indirect damage that appear. The client accepts that she will compensate to the company in case of demands, sanctions or entailments to administrative procedures of any type that will be gotten to present against this one and that will be able to cause expenses, lost or any other type of debits in charge of the company, including the legal expenses to that there is place.

The company is exonerated as much of any type of direct or indirect responsibility towards third parties derived from conducts realised by the client with illegal aims in its action as in its result, such as:

  1. The causación of damage (s) or damage (s) to a person (s) or property (it is) by some product sold or somehow distributed in connection with the services of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide
  2. The use of any provided material by the clients who produce of direct or indirect way infractions towards third parties.
  3. Infractions of copyright or any normative regulation directed to the protection of rights of author, industrial property, intellectual property, among others.
  4. The distribution of products and/or benefit of sold and/or served defective nonauthorized in the name of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide
  5. The company will have total autonomy to investigate and to determine if the execution of any activity on the part of the client is framed directly to anyone of the restrictions treated in the present point.

5. Suspension and cancellation of the service

5.1. Generals

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide reserves the right to reject the initial request on watch or to deny the continuity of benefit of the same approval it arranges it. The company will have the faculty to deny the access to the whole or a part of the service without previous warning if it is considered that the client has incurred the accomplishment of conducts or activities that Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide thinks that they violate direct or indirectly anyone of the terms and the conditions in this agreement. Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will not have any responsibility to notify such situations to their clients. The client authorizes to the company electronically to realise activities of supervision of the services, as well as to only disclose any type of information when therefore she requires the law or a competent authority. The company will come to the retirement or censures of any class of information or material that can get to consider themselves unacceptable, undesirable, or that is in the violation from anyone from the terms in the present agreement.

5.2. Suspension

They would be considered as causal of suspension of the service in addition to mentioned throughout the present agreement the following: a) not to come with the total payment of the values of the service contracted before the date of victory of the service.

The suspension of the service implies that the client will not be able to make use of any service of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide reserves the right to show a suspension page that it will replace to the one of the client. This page will be able to include, not to limit a more: publicity, any type of information and logo of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide and/or his suppliers.

In case of suspension by the causes previously mentioned, to reactivate the account tendra a cost of Q.150 by administrative positions.

5.3. Cancellation

They would be considered as causal of cancellation of the service in addition to mentioned throughout the present agreement the following: a) the nonverification of the total payment of the values of the service contracted but taking the fifth (5) next day to the victory of the quota or of I finish of duration of the service and with subjection to the conditions established for each service selected by the client; the service will be cancelled as of the sixth (6) day.

The client will have the possibility of asking for to the company a file that contains the information stored by him during the time of use of the service. In any case, he is of knowledge of the client who the information contained in cancelled accounts will be erased definitively by the company to the date of the cancellation of the service.

6. Registered or Transferred domains

6.1. Availability of the Domain

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will not be able to guarantee the availability of the domain until this it is registered by Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide and the client is notified who the registry of the domain has been successful. If for some reason the client does not have received confirmation of the registry of the domain she must notify to the company sending the proof of payment and must ask for the confirmation in writing on the part of the Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide personnel from which the payment has been received successful. If I dominate is registered on the other company or person before this period, Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will not have any responsibility before this event. The client commits himself not to enter no page different from the page of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide to consult his availability nor for any other objective, the client also commits himself not to disclose his name of domain to no company or person before to have received the notification of which the domain has been registered successful. If the client has not received the notification of registry of this domain past 24 hours after to have realised the payment must communicate with Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide to notify its payment and to ask for the registry of the domain.

6.2. Victory of the Domain

The victory of the domain will carry out the same day of the period contracted by the client, therefore if the client does not wish that the services associated to the domain are suspended it must make the payment, report it and have received confirmation on the part of the Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide personnel before the date of victory. Our supplier of domains will realise a change of servants DNS of the domain when not receiving the payment on the part of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide before the date of victory.

6.3. Renovation of the Domain after its victory

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide gives the possibility him simply of renewing the domain up to 10 days after the victory paying to the value of the renovation of the domain, notifying the payment to the company and asking for the confirmation of the reception of the payment. If passed 10 days after the victory of the domain the client the domain has not renewed the domain then will enter a called state REDEMPTION, this state will last of 120 days. If the domain is in the REDEMPTION state and the client wishes to renew has it the option to do paying it a position by delayed renovation called REDEMPTION FEE, at the moment this position has a $400 value of USD and the value must be pleased in quetzals realising the conversion of currency with the exchange rate of the Official day. Passed the 120 days of the period of REDEMPTION the client it will not be able to renew it until the domain is available, in any case the client only understands that the possibility that the domain is acquired on the other company or person exists after which the domain is free for the registry and Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will not have any responsibility before this event.

6.4. Transference of the Domain

The client will be able to transfer his domain to another supplier as long as she is to peace and safe with the services contracted with the company and the domain she does not have date of victory in next the 15 days, if the transference of the domain outside the term of 15 days is asked for before the victory will be due to cancel an amount of Q.400.00 by administrative expenses as long as it has not arrived itself at the date of the victory of the domain.

If it is desired to transfer an payable domain first will be due to cancel the renovation of the domain before realising the transfer, a domain cannot be transferred immediately realised the renovation, will have to hope up to 60 days after the renovation.

In order to realise the transfer of the domains including free of charge in the plans of hosting it will have to cancel Q.350 by every year of hiring with Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide by administrative expenses before realising the transfer of the domain to another supplier.

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide does not become person in charge of the administration, changes, nor renovations of domain whose processes of transferences from other suppliers have not been finalized successfully and confirmed by Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide via e-mail.

6,5 Information of WHOIS of the domain

The domain will be registered to name of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide, but the client can ask for to Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide the change of the information of contact by the data of the client.

7. Changes in the terms and conditions of the service

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide reserves the right at any time to add, to suppress or to modify anyone of the indicated conditions of this agreement. And it will be responsibility of the client to review this document without the obligation on the part of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide to notify his modification to his respective clients. This document will be always visible and at the disposal of the client in our website.

8. Notifications and Reminders of Payment

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will send their notifications, official notices and reminders of payments only and exclusively by email electronic. the company is responsibility of the client to send by email electronic all data to us of contact updated to be able to receive suitably the e-mails sent by Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide recommends to use e-mails that constantly are reviewed and preferably that both contact post office are located in different servants.

The company does not become person in charge by any e-mail that does not manage to arrive at its adressee and will assume as given all mail that is dispatched from our servants. If for some reason our servant cannot give the message the company will not become person in charge. It will be responsibility of the client to have present the dates of victory of the services.

9. Service

On the other hand Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide, in line guarantees an effectiveness of availability of 99%, he will not be responsible for the losses that could be generated to “the Client? in case of delays or deficiency in the access to the provided with accomodations information in the servants of Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide. In addition ‘the Client’ has guaranteed the technical attendance at the moment that requires it, Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will offer an alternative servant in the case of faults or deficiencies in the service.

10. Technical support

10.1. Technical support for plans of Hosting and Planes de Revenedor

Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide will by telephone serve of technical support by means of our system of requests (tickets) and within the schedules of office stipulated by the company. The offered technical support directly is related to problems or restlessness of an account of hosting or an account of remarketer. It does not include support for development or revision of applications Web nor of design of webpages. Support will be only lent if it is possible to be verified that the application Web or the webpage does not work suitably by a problem in the servant.

If the client requires a special bookstore for the operation of his application, she must ask for it to Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide and it will be exclusive decision of the company to implement the bookstore or application asked for by the client.

11. Recognition in the agreement

The present agreement replaces written, electronic, or oral communication that you could have had with Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide or any agent or representative of the company. The client accepts in addition who this one agreement can at any time be modified by Cheap-Internet-Hosting-Guide. The client accepts completely and declares that they are of his whole knowledge each and every one of the stipulations contained in the document of terms and conditions of our services and that you understand such terms and conditions and decides to be limited by them.