That is the service of Hosting?

Hosting is a service that will allow him to publish its webpage in Internet, to have its own e-mails with the name of its company, to store archives, among others many more applications. Their webpage and e-mails will be with the domain name that you acquire, for example: for its webpage and for its e-mails.

Q.600Annual price

Basic plan

Ideal for personal pages with little traffic and that it requires of e-mails.

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The Basic Plan includes following the characteristics:


200 Megabyte of Space in disc
It corresponds to the amount of space that we assigned for the lodging.
15 GB of monthly Transference
The transference or traffic is the volume of data that circulates in its lodging Web with each visit. The traffic of a Web is increased whichever major is the volume of received visits.
Access FTP and WebFTP
The access to the lodging through FTP or from the Control Panel allows at any time to modify, to create or to suppress the archives of its Web without restrictions.

From an interface of easy use it can manage the files and directories of his lodging in addition to allowing to modification of the permissions of the archives and directories.
10 Cuentas FTP
It creates different accounts FTP to give privacy to folders of his lodging, without authorizing the access to the archives of the Web (folder httpdocs)
Control Panel CPANEL
Control Panel CPANELControl Panel leader in Web servers, complete and of easy use that allows to administer the Web of simple form
  • To create mail accounts
  • To consult the statistics of visits
  • To manage them data base
  • etc.

To see Demo of CPANEL

User: x3demob
Password: x3demob

Protection of directories with password
It blocks the access to certain folders from the Control Panel. Thus one will require user and password to accede to restricted areas of his Web.
Report of resources
From the Control Panel it can turns the level of use of the contracted resources: space in disc, transference, etc.
Operating system Linux
The operating system of the servant where is this lodging is a Linux distribution.
Statistics of visits
It consults the detailed statistics of his webpage thanks to two powerful analyzers of logs, 6 Awstat and Webalizer V2.
Gratuitous tools
We provided the FANTASTIC Tool to him DELUXE, which you can install in minutes blogs, galleries of photos, Administrators of Content and many more tools for his Web.
Languages of Development
Support for 5 PHP and Perl, data bases MYSQL 5


10 Cuentas de Correo POP3/IMAP
It has the possibility of creating up to 10 accounts of mail. These accounts can be formed with any client of mail, as much from their computer as from a mobile or Ipad. It can also accede to his mail by the Web through webmail qualified for it.
Limitless alias of mail
It creates all the alias of mail that needs to have several directions of email and that all aims at a single mailbox of mail.
It administers his accounts of mail from Internet
Thanks to our interface it can manage all regarding his mail:
  • To administer, to create, to modify the accounts
  • To form the alias
  • To form the antiSpam and the anti-virus
  • To limit the assigned space each account
  • Redirigir e-mails
  • To create one lists e-mail
  • To manage the answering machines
  • etc…
Anti-virus - Antispams
The lodging includes the activation of the filter against virus and mail trash in its accounts of mail. It can fit the configuration to adapt it to his account of mail.
Access to Webmail (RoundCube)
It accedes more to his mail from any connected terminal to Internet through manager of used mail in Internet: RoundCube.
10 Redirections mails
Mails manages the redirections to designate where it wants to receive its e-mails.
10 Answering machines
It allows to form a text of auto answer that the servant will send to the emitter of the mail.
BoxTrapper protects his inbox of Spam forcing to all the people who not this in your white list to that they respond to the verification email before they can send the email to you.
Management of MX
We give the possibility him of modifying its configuration MX to use external mail to the servant


Registry or transfer of domain by a year
When contracting a lodging plan, the registry or transfer and renovation of domain .com, .net or .org is gratuitous.
10 Subdominios
Possibility of creating up to 10 subdomains of the type.

Technical support

Gratuitous discharge
we did not acquire any additional cost to him by the activation of his lodging
Telephone attendance
It contacts with our technical service and attention to the client on telephone 2285 1390.
Center of Support
Our support is open the 24 hours of the day. It will be able to contact to us through Center of Support to realise all type of consultations and to pose his doubts
Guaranteed Uptime
We know that it is fundamental that its site is always online. For that reason, in addition to constantly investing in better servants and major security, we guaranteed uptime to you of your site. Uptime guaranteed for our plans of hosting is of 99.9%

Additional options

Domains Additions
If you want to add an additional domain to which already it is including in pland and hosting, you can do it from Q.350 by domain
.com domains .gt
The .com domain .gt, .net .gt or .org .gt has an additional cost of Q450 by 2 years
(cost only of the domain)

Other Plans

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